THIS Pickleball GAME IS indoor fun FOr the whole family

  • Two players compete to whack the pickle into their opponents’ jars.
  • Setup is astoundingly quick and easy,
  • Multiple ways to play offers several difficulty levels

This two-player game is a competition to swat the goofy pickle into the other player’s pickle jars. Players score a point when they flip two lids, and the first player to reach four points wins. The set contains the tabletop game board and two handheld pickle ball paddles.

Capitalizing on the popularity of pickleball, this fast-paced game is a simple recipe for fun at a multitude of ages. The box also comes with instructions on how to modify the game for a higher difficultly level, and having tested this out with a colleague, I can attest that the suggestions do, in fact, make for an adult-friendly challenge. Pickleball Blast is loads of fun one-on-one, or for a big group round-robin style. And perhaps the best of all is just how easy this game was to set up and take apart.

As the board measures about 23 inches long, this game is best for at-home action and not on-the-go fun.

Families who are all-in on the pickle ball craze and want new ways to enjoy the sport. Two-child households. Sleepovers and birthday parties.


Pickleball Blast puts a new spin on the sport with a board game-size tabletop court and a net with an attached Screamin’ Pickle launcher. Using the thumb-powered pickleball paddles, players send the Pickle play piece soaring and try to flip the pickle lids at the other end of the court.

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  • 8+

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