Next month, your family can join pirate rats on an exciting adventure for delicious pies — through the magic of storytelling, of course.

Pie-Rats! is a new children’s book by author Lisa Frenkel Riddiough and illustrator David Mottram. You’ll recognize her writing in Elvis and the World as It Stands and his drawings in stories like The New Kitten. Now, the duo has created an exciting tale featuring animals, pie, and an important journey.

The story, written for kids ages 3 and up, follows a group of rats on a quest to find their favorite pies. These pie-rats travel through harsh seas, battle scallywags, and search for different flavors of pies. It features hilarious rhyming text, adorable characters, and mouth-watering pies. Pie-Rats! showcases pirates in a fresh view of pirates and has strong read-aloud quality.

Kids will enjoy the puns, rhymes, colorful details, and (maybe above all) the pies!

You can add the story to your home library on March 12.


Join a group of pirate rats as they search for their favorite pies in this rhyming, hysterical children's book.

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  • MSRP:
  • $18.99
  • Age:
  • 3+

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