Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck | Source: Hasbro

You know summer is in full swing once you hear the ice cream truck calling!

Kids can turn their backyard or playroom into the Play-Doh ice cream party of their dreams with Hasbro’s Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck, officially in stores now.

This 3-foot-tall kitchen set comes with 27 tools and 12 cans of Play-Doh modeling compound that kids can use to create pretend ice cream cones at the scooping station or the soft-serve station, dishing it up in cups or cones. Then they can customize their creations with the Play-Doh sprinkle maker, various tools, and play food/candy molds.

Make colorful ice cream swirls at the soft-serve station. | Source: Hasbro

There is a toy register that makes “cha-ching” sounds to ring up customers so kids can feel like they’re running their own ice cream truck business. The set also plays those classic ice cream truck jingles we all know and love. There is plenty of storage space and fun ways to clean up when playtime is over.

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Whether you’re into ice cream sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, cups, cones, or anything imaginable, you can make those sugary dreams come true with Play-Doh! Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck is available on Amazon now for $94.99.

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