Playfoam Pluffle Sensory Station | Source: Educational Insights

Educational InsightsPlayfoam Pluffle Sensory Station is the latest innovation in squish-tastic science!

The Playfoam Pluffle Sensory Station is a bright, lively, interactive play experience for preschoolers ages 3 and up who are eager to make a mess with their hands! The sensory station comes with a handy roller, scissor scoopers, and a collection cup that kids can use to lift, smash, and collect the little pink and green Playfoam particles dancing inside the blue bin.

Playfoam Pluffle is a foam-like compound that never dries out. It is made from nontoxic material that makes it light and fluffy to the touch. The little pink and green pieces of foam sparkle as kids squish them under the tools that come with the kit.

Playfoam Pluffle Sensory Station | Source: Educational Insights

The kit is inspired by sensory stations used in preschool classrooms. The Playfoam Pluffle comes alive the minute kids plunge their hands into the squishy goodness, getting hands-on by rolling and smashing the compound into different shapes using the included tools for sensory play. Kids can use the roller tool to smash and swirl the Playfoam Pluffle into a make-shift cake, use the scissor scoopers to mix together pretend Pluffle soup, or manipulate the compound into a ball as the pieces struggle to escape. Kids can also scoop the Playfoam Pluffle up and place it in the collection bin to practice separating the pieces of Pluffle according to color.

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The included tools can also help with problem-solving skills. For example, kids can use the collection cup to figure out how much Pluffle they can squish inside the container before it overflows. Kids can also improve fine motor and visual motor skills by using the scissor scoopers and rolling tools. The softness of the foam can also help kids suffering from anxiety and related conditions, giving them a way to destress at the end of the day.

Playfoam Pluffle is a never-ending explosion of color and glitter that kids can explore in whatever way they see fit for playtime!

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