Tom and Thunder learn to fly together as friends! | Source: Playmobil

Discover the secret of dragons!

The animated Dreamworks series Dragons: The Nine Realms is set 1,300 years after the film How to Train Your Dragon and brings kids’ favorite dragons back within a modern setting. The young adventurer Tom and his friends will find out what happened to dragons and learn some things about friendship, protecting each other, and — of course — training dragons.

Playmobil is giving kids the chance to go through their own modern-day dragon training. The Dragons Nine Realms collection features popular characters from the new animated series, as well as a large playset so kids can reenact their favorite show moments.

The Thunder & Tom set features Tom and his Night Light dragon Thunder. The set comes with three arrows, a Viking helmet, a drone, a flashlight, and other accessories. The Wu & Wei with Jun set features Jun’s two-headed dragon, Wu and Wei (who is inspired by Chinese mythology); as well as Jun; the character Eugene; a backpack; two saddles; two projectiles; and a crystal. The Plowhorn & D’Angelo set features D’Angelo and his Tracker class dragon Plowhorn. It also includes a crystal rock, a doctor’s case, a stethoscope, and a backpack. 

Tech wiz Alex is also a part of this Playmobil release with the Feathers & Alex set. It includes a laptop, a hologram, and a crystal, in addition to Alex and her dragon Feathers. The Icaris Quad set centers D’Angelo’s father Phil, who is head of security at Icaris Lab. The set includes Phil, a Terrible Terror dragon, a quad, a drone, and a toolset. 

The Icaris Lab set retails for $44.99 and features a whole pile of accessories. | Source: Playmobil

No Playmobil collection is complete without a huge, impressive playset, The Icaris Lab set gives kids everything they need to stage daring dragon escapes with their favorite characters. The Icaris Lab features two swinging doors so characters can enter and exit, a working canon, the character Dr. Kullersen, an Icaris Lab worker, a research station, a research table, a computer and monitors, and a drone with movable rotors and the ability to fire projectiles. Kids can grab this set and another featuring their favorite human-dragon partnership and start their own storylines within the Nine Realms world. 

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Dragons: The Nine Realms is available to stream now on Hulu or Peacock TV. Kids can follow the ragtag group of kid dragon trainers as they investigate a huge mysterious fissure caused by a comet that may contain the answers to where dragons have gone. If they find themselves in love with the show, they can continue the adventure with the new Playmobil sets.

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