Playmobil is taking kids back to medieval times with Novelmore playsets.

Novelmore is Playmobil’s fantasy realm designed for kids ages 4 and up. In this realm, warriors battle against dragons, skeletons come back to life, and knights fight for honor and glory. Playmobil is expanding the collection with 10 new sets and a YouTube series.

In this new line of Novelmore sets, the Novelmorians face off against the Burnham Raiders, fiery warriors with dragons at their side. The collection also features three sets based in the Sal’ahari Sands, a desert realm in which the heroes face off against the skeleton army.

Some highlights to the collection include the Mor’Ghul Mammoth, a set that features the skeleton of a giant mammoth that the skeleton army is riding into battle and Gwynn, ready to face the army ($29.99); Novelmore vs. Burnham Raiders — Battle Arena, which has dragons, knights, catapults, and more ($44.99); and the Sand Stormer, a giant sand ship that the heroes take to face off against the skeleton army ($169.99). The Sand Stormer features projectiles, a zip line, four warriors, and more. The whole set is available at from $7.99-169.99.

If kids can’t get enough fantastical action in their play, they can also watch the Novelmore animated series on YouTube. In the series, the knights of Novelmore protect the realm from the Burnham raiders. Each episode is 11 minutes long and 12 episodes are currently available on Playmobil’s YouTube channel.

Check out the trailer for Novelmore below!

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