The Curious Kingdom Playset combines augmented reality and real-life fun! | Source: Playper

Being environmentally friendly has never been more fantastical. 

Playper, a sustainability driven toy company, is launching the Curious Kingdom Playset, a plastic-free toy set made out of “Playperboard” that integrates augmented reality (AR) into playtime. The company’s goal is to get kids playing in a sustainable way while reducing screen time.  

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this playset includes a two-story castle, complete with its own working drawbridge; seven characters; accessories; and special AR stickers to bring together the whole experience. Kids can go on adventures with Snuffles the dragon, the Knight of Never-Ever, Ollie the Ogre, Princess Petunia, and other characters. 

The Curious Kingdom Playset comes with seven characters and plenty of accessories to make the story come together! | Source: Playper

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Kids use the free Curious Kingdom app to unlock more fantasy fun, including learning activities, animated, interactive stories, music, and other surprises that are exclusive to the Curious Kingdom playset. 

With this set, kids will spend hours ruling over their kingdom through imaginative play and creativity. The Curious Kingdom playset is available exclusively on for $39.99.

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