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Sometimes parents want their kids to cut down on screen time, but not eliminate it completely. PlayShifu can help parents promote mindful screen time instead with five new STEM toys that combine tactile play with an in-app tech experience. These new toys range for kids ages 4-10 and will help teach kids STEM, problem-solving, and scientific thinking skills.

Tacto Electronics helps introduce kids to engineering with a shock-proof circuit lab for $49.99. Kids ages 6 and up can tinker with and build more than 50 gadgets through story-based games, while experimenting with toy figurines of batteries, LEDs, wires, motors, switches, and more on a tablet.

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Tacto Dino includes dinosaur figurines that kids can play with in conjunction with story-based games on a tablet to unlock puzzles, adventures, and to learn more than 100 dinosaur facts. The games will help kids develop scientific thinking and problem-solving skills. Tacto Dino is available for $49.99.

With Plugo Farm, kids can play with tactile pieces to run a digital, augmented reality (AR) farm in-app. Available for $59.99, Plugo Farm features more than 100 story-based challenges that kids can undergo to learn the importance of time management and resources, how farm produce is built and stocked, and how to keep customers happy. You can read our full review of Plugo Farm here!

Plugo Detective is an AR-powered kit for young investigators. The spy kit, called Gizmo Max, has several features like toy camera lenses, clue cards, dials, a lever, and a shutter. Available for $59.99, Plugo Detective helps kids sharpen their observational and reasoning skills by finding clues and catching culprits.

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Kids can explore the animal kingdom using real figurines and digital games with Plugo Animals. Priced at $59.99, the included games teach kids about animal calls, food types, habitats, and more. Kids will learn to think on their feet and solve puzzles through story-based adventures.

The companion apps, Plugo and Tacto, come at no additional cost and offer a variety of games for each
product. The Plugo product line works with a range of tablets and smartphones (iOS, Samsung, and Kindle Fire), and the Tacto product line works only with tablets (iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire). These new launches are available now on Amazon and

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