All eight styles of the Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Mini Tins | Source: The Pokémon Co.

We are officially in the final few days of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary year, and the beloved brand has certainly found some fun ways to celebrate. One of the most notable ways the company commemorated a quarter-century of Pokémon was with the Celebrations Collection for the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), which included a variety of TCG products featuring anniversary-branded cards, coins, and more. Among that assortment is the Celebration Mini Tins, a series of collectible card sets from the Pokémon Co. for kids and Pokémon fans ages 6 and up.

To start, each of these all-metal tins is covered with an adorable illustration featuring two or three Pokémon in the woods. For older Pokémon fans, this tin alone may be worth the price — It’s well-made and great for storing Pokémon cards (or anything small, really).

Inside the tin, kids will discover a coin (used to play the Pokémon TCG) featuring the 25th-anniversary logo, two Celebrations booster packs (which each contain four anniversary-branded cards), and one additional booster pack. The tins I opened both had Sword and Shield Darkness Ablaze packs as the additional boosters, which each come with 10 cards.

Finally, there is an art card inside featuring the same illustration from the front of the tin. The back of the card provides the names of the Pokémon featured, along with a visual representation of where this illustration fits into a larger image. Kids who collect all eight tin styles can combine the art cards to create this complete illustration. However, each cardboard art card does stand alone as something kids can hang somewhere like a locker or a bulletin board.

The contents of a Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Mini Tins | Source: The Pokémon Co.

These tins are limited-edition (so a bit hard to find — but check your local game stores!) and will be well-received by any Pokémon TCG fan. It’s worth noting that these sets do not include playing instructions or enough cards to start playing the Pokémon TCG, so this wouldn’t be the best option for complete beginners. Instead, these tins will expand Pokémon trainers’ decks while offering a bit more than an average booster pack, including some special, nostalgia-fueled cards.

Kids can aim to collect all eight styles or enjoy the hidden surprises inside just one — There are plenty of possibilities with these budget-friendly tins!

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