Turn snowy wonderlands into winter adventures as kids make their way across snow and ice on the back of a mystical dragon. Kids will love taming and riding their colorful imaginary beast and parents will love the safety of its design. The Polar-Shield resistant material will keep this magical snow tube from cracking or freezing in cold temperatures. The oversized glove-ready handles allow small or large hands to keep a firm grip as kids coast down the hills, and the sturdy attached pull rope makes for easy pulling the tube around and back up the hill. Enjoy being a mythical Knight racing into battle on the back of the Dragon Fury Snow Tube or a wily princess taming the great dragon’s fury, as you turn a snow day into a fantastic adventure.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $44.99; $174.50 CAD
  • Age:
  • 6+

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