These five-inch, 1:14 scale figures feature 14 points of articulation and are packaged in either 1990s nostalgic packaging or newly designed Star Trek Universe blister cards. The first wave will include the following 10 figures, each priced at $12.99. Lt. Commander Data, Star Trek: The Next Generation Captain Jean Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation Commander William Riker, Star Trek: The Next Generation Admiral James T. Kirk, Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, Captain Spock, Star Trek: Wrath of Khan Khan Noonien Singh, Star Trek: Wrath of Khan Science Officer Michael Burnham, Star Trek: Discovery Commander Saru, Star Trek: Discovery

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $12.99; $18-60 CAD
  • Age:
  • 4+

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