The Stress Relief Companion Purrble | Source: Sproutel

Purrble is the new cuddle buddy for stress relief at an arm’s reach.

In a research collaboration between the Committee for Children and Sproutel, Purrble was created as a furry friend that can help calm a racing heart and stressful emotions. Purrble is an interactive, plush character that purrs in response to someone petting it. Purrble also sighs, coos, giggles, and grunts, depending on the emotion that it feels.

When Purrble feels intense emotion, kids can feel its heartbeat getting faster. It features seven sensors and a heartbeat that responds to any kind of touch, helping kids identify their own feelings through social emotional learning.

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This plush toy is crafted with a combination of social robotics and psychology components in mind. Each character has its own individual feel and custom-dyed fabric to accommodate a range of Purrble parents. Purrbles are ideal for kids or people any age with ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder, and other forms of neurodivergence.

Purrble is available for purchase now at Amazon and

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