Quadrilla Super Spirals inspires creative play! | Source: Hape

Welcome to the Marble Cinematic Universe — first stop? Super Spirals! 

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, Hape’s Quadrilla Super Spirals is the ultimate indoor marble run. This 101-piece wooden set includes everything kids could possibly need or want to create an epic battle between marbles. With more spinning and even more surprises than other marble runs, the Quadrilla Super Spirals set lets kids enjoy building their run without making them lose their marbles.

One of the best parts about this marble run is that there are so many different pieces to choose from. The Super Spirals set features see-saws, spiral twists, and control blocks so kids can really control where they want their marbles to go. I particularly love the xylophone staircase that plays a little tune when marbles run over it. The set is also interchangeable with other Quadrilla sets, allowing for kids to construct even bigger and better marble runs. 

The Quadrilla Super Spirals set comes with 101 pieces. | Source: Hape

The set is made of colored wood and plastic spirals that little hands will love assembling over and over again. Although it comes with an easy-to-understand set of instructions and design ideas, there is also an app that parents can download to receive even more design ideas and step-by-step instructions. When kids get really good at building, they can get creative and build their own run. At the end, place the included flag at the top to start the marble run!

This STEM-toy is not only fun, it’s also educational. Kids can work on their problem-solving skills, counting, color identification, spatial and reasoning abilities, and so much more. Parents may need to help their young engineers in the beginning — although the pieces fit together, the set can fall apart pretty easily. I would recommend playing on a flat, clean surface and having tape on the side for finished products. But with a little help, patience, and encouragement, kids will be racing marbles in no time. 

Although this set can’t really be taken on-the-go, it’s the perfect semi-permanent addition to any playroom or backyard. Because it can take a long time to build, kids will want to keep their marble run up to show their friends and family. When it is time to take the marble run down, I’d recommend having a parent around to ensure that the tiny marbles and many pieces all get put away. 

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At almost $150, the Quadrilla Super Spirals is a bit of an investment. But with so many different builds to construct and so many ways to get creative, the cost is outweighed by the run’s benefits. Kids will want to keep coming back to try out new builds — the design options are endless! Little engineers will have a marble-ous time building their own run!           

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