The vintage woodland aesthetic of the game makes you want to play just to look at art. | Source: University Games

Become an economic titan of Astoria, with a furry little face.

University Games acquired Forbidden Games, and the strategy game Raccoon Tycoon with it, earlier this year. The game is now coming to the North American mass market for anyone that loves tycoon games, strategy, vintage art, and woodland creatures. 

Raccoon Tycoon places you in the role of a tycoon in the forested land of Astoria. The area is experiencing a time of unprecedented growth, with new railroads, towns, and factories popping up all over the place (preferably under your ownership). To play the game, you buy and sell various commodities in order to construct your own properties. You and other tycoon players are tasked with capitalizing on this period of prosperity with the hope to own the best railroads and towns, earning a victory. 

The game isn’t too complicated for a strategy board game. | Source: University Games

This strategy board game is considered a good entry point to the genre, as it’s not difficult to pick up and start playing. Many strategy games are infamous for their complexity, but the calming art and straightforward goals set out in Raccoon Tycoon make for a nice introduction to the world of strategy tabletop. 

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Raccoon Tycoon was created by designer Glenn Drover and artist Annie Stegg Gerard, and is available now at major retailers for $29.99. The game is recommended for kids ages 8 and up, and suitable for 2-5 players. Beat your friends and be the best of the animal entrepreneurs in this new release of Raccoon Tycoon from University Games.

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