Based on the monthly theme, kids will get different recipes to follow. | Source: Radish

Adults, prepare to address kids by the title of “Chef.”

Raddish is a monthly subscription box that can help kick off family cooking adventures. Each month, the kit is stocked with everything needed to lead through an interactive cooking experience. Based on the theme, subscribers will receive three recipes, a kitchen tool, skill lessons, collectibles, shopping lists, and apron patches. Once families have their box, the journey will start!

Use the shopping lists to show kids around the grocery store to gather ingredients. Then, it’s time to cook! Use the handy dandy tool as you follow along with the recipe. Raddish doesn’t leave behind any kid in the kitchen — dietary modifications, such as gluten-free or egg-free substitutions, are available online.

Families can also find a ton of extra goodies on the “Bonus Bites” section of the Raddish website. Just recently, Raddish shared a back-to-school recipe guide to help kids make their own lunches, after-school snacks, or even breakfast and dinner. There are six delicious recipes, including zucchini muffins, overnight oats, and more. Kids can also access lesson plans, cooking videos, and even themed music playlists to jam to in the kitchen as they cook.

If you want a preview of what your kit would look like, just check out this month’s theme: Korean food! Kids can learn to make dumplings, banchan, bibimbap bowls, and scallion pancakes. Interested adults can choose among four different plans: monthly for a reoccurring $24 charge, 3-month for $72, 6-month for $132, or yearly for $240. Find out more on

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