Nothing really says summer like the brightness of a rainbow. Except, maybe the brightness of a rainbow combined with the mysticalness of a unicorn.

Rainbocorns from ZURU have it all and the brand is expanding with more products available this month. Kids will soon be able to find the third series of the Wild Heart Suprise line, second series of the Sparkle Heart Surprise line, and a very magical debut of the Itzy Glitzy Surprise line. The expansion of toys for kids ages 3 and up will be at major retailers, local shops, and online.

Rainbocorns Itzy Bitzy Surprise is glittery, glam fun. Kids can collect two dozen little versions of the characters, each one a surprise until its unboxed. Little fashion icons will love the ability to switch out their characters’ wings and gem hearts to put in their shiny new ring, included in the toy. The two-pack is $5.99 and a special four-pack is $9.99.

There are six characters in the second series of Rainbocorns Sparkle Hearts Surprise. Kids will be able to collect the mystery toys for $9.99 each but not until the fall.

The seven new sparkly characters in the Wild Heart Surprise series include an ultra-rare Slothcorn, a Peacockcorn exclusive to Target, and a long-necked Girraffecorn exclusive to Walmart. Each comes with 10 layers of surprises hidden within its crackable egg. Kids can discover wild Rainbocorn poop, nail decals, and Long Tailed Boo-boocorns. Families will be able to catch the elusive creatures for $24.99 each.

Discover the surprises and where to find them on ZURU’s website.

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Nicole Savas

Nicole Savas

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