Lunar Outpost | Source: Ravensburger/the Toy Insider

Prepare for blast off! Ravensburger has unveiled a new board game for future astronauts and aerospace scientists!

Lunar Outpost is an upcoming game inspired by the PBS science series NOVA, developed with the expertise of NASA astronaut Dani Tani. In this cooperative board game, 2-4 players can work together to mine lunar elements and build a base on the moon. There are four types of base to choose from — a starter base, a habitat colony, a research center, or a manufacturing facility — each made up of different “modules,” such as a solar monitor or a machine shop, so kids can do more as the game progresses.

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For an extra layer of challenge throughout the game, kids will deal with events ranging from oxygen leaks to meteorite strikes. To play the game, kids will need to download an app for Alexa that will serve as Mission Control, keeping track of the team’s progress and announcing the special events for each round. Kids can also play offline using a deck of event cards.

Lunar Outpost is recommended for kids ages 10 and up, and each game lasts approximately 45 minutes. Families will soon be able to preorder Lunar Outpost exclusively on Amazon. The game will officially launch this June.

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