The backpack and unicorn terrarium crafts | Source: Moose Toys/The Toy Insider

In case you didn’t know, what’s tiny is trendy! And if you want big play value in a tiny, cute package, look no further than the new Real Littles Micro Crafts kits from Moose Toys.

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, these sets take popular crafting activities and make them super tiny — and super adorable. There are six different craft kits in the line: a backpack keychain to color, canvas art, Fizz bombs (tiny bath bombs), glitter globes, a light box, and a unicorn terrarium. The packaging clearly indicates which set is inside, so kids can select their favorite.

Each of the tiny sets comes inside a reusable caboodle container and includes everything kids need to create the craft, along with illustrated instructions. I completed the unicorn terrarium and the backpack keychain, both of which were simple enough that kids could complete them with little-to-no adult assistance. There isn’t a ton of room for creativity, but kids can make the crafts their own by, for example, choosing where in the orb-shaped terrarium to place each tree and the unicorn figure or by choosing which of the included mini markers they’ll use to color each section of the backpack.

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Throughout the crafting process, it’s clear that Moose was thoughtful in making these kits kid friendly. The terrarium components come inside plastic baggies that are pre-perforated, which means kids can rip them open without help and without needing scissors. That craft also requires kids to fill part of the orb with tiny beads, which can easily get stuck inside another portion of the orb where the grass goes. To solve this problem, the kit includes a small tool for rearranging the beads.

Once kids are done with their tiny craft, they can store it inside the caboodle case, gift it, or display it. They can also use the stackable caboodles to store any of their tiny treasures and even take them on the go, thanks to the included metal carabiner clip.

Overall, these sets aren’t going to keep kids busy for an entire day but, at $9.99 each, they offer a budget-friendly option for independent creativity. Whether you’re looking for a group activity to do at a sleepover or looking to reward a young artist with a special surprise, these Micro Crafts are a great option.

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