Really Loud Librarians includes 60 category cards to keep players on their toes. | Source: Exploding Kittens

Forget quiet time: Now you can win for being the loudest member of your family!

Exploding Kittens is releasing its first word-shouting party game, called Really Loud Librarians. Ideal for players ages 8 and up, this board game is easy to play and really, really loud. 

First, each team will receive a category and a figure that will start off on the race track on a specific letter. The team must then shout out a word that begins with the letter their figure is on and corresponds with the category, like action movies that begin with the letter D. Once the team has successfully shouted the word before their opponents, the team can move to the next letter on the track and provide another answer for the same category card. 

It’s like Super Mario Kart meets Scattergories meets charades! | Source: Exploding Kittens

The winning team for each round is determined by who yelled the answer the fastest, so don’t be afraid to yell loud and proud! Once the winning team for the round is determined, that team can move along the track. The team that makes it to the end of the track wins! It’s like Super Mario Kart meets Scattergories meets charades!

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Really Loud Librarians is easy to follow and takes around 20 minutes to play, making it an ideal family party game. It includes 60 category cards, two librarian figures, 20 letter tiles, 14 tokens, two score markers, a chain, and a timer. 

This board game is engaging, lively, and family-friendly — and who doesn’t want an excuse to yell sometimes? Really Loud Librarians is available now at Target or on Exploding Kittens’ website for $19.99.

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