Create music through movement with this hand-held music mixer | Source: Just Play/The Toy Insider

Move and mix music with RUKUSfx, a hand-held, motion-controlled music mixer from Just Play that is featured in Target’s 2022 Toy Catalog and The Toy Insider‘s Holiday Gift Guide Hot 20 list!

As long as tweens and teens can make a motion, they can make music with four simple arm moves. When they punch, swipe, twist, or flick with their hand, kids can loop, mix ,and remix music tracks and sound effects, encouraging them to get off the couch and be creative!

Whether they like to dance or want to be a DJ, they can make original performances. They can record the production and share it on social media using the USB-C port on the controller to upload to a computer.

There are 120 preloaded mixable music tracks and 80 built-in sound effects. Some of the sounds effects range from fighting and farting to maniacal screams and magical spells. Alternatively, kids can use the built-in microphone to capture their own sound effects and use in the RUKUSfx remixes. Kids can also sing or upload songs from their own favorite music artists. Other than the three AAA batteries and a USB cord, which are not included, there is no other device needed so kids can unbox and unleash their creativity right away.

Parents will appreciate the headphone jack for kids to keep their creativity contained to their ears. Kids will enjoy the built-in LED display that pulses and changes colors with every move. When they punch, it lights up red; swipe goes green; flick features the color blue, and twist yields to yellow. It results in an epic dance party in the dark!

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To best experience the device, the movements needs to be clean and deliberate, but the movements can be either big or small. Additionally, kids can make music in any direction. For example, you can punch forward but you can also punch up, or you can swipe side to side or diagonally for the same effect. So kids can not only make music, but can also come up with a unique dance routine, too!

RUKUSfx is a great gift and an excellent interactive electronic device for creators and music lovers ages 6 and up.

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