This Giant Mystery Egg, the largest item in the new Ryan’s World toy line from Bonkers Toys, brings the surprise and unboxing elements of the popular Ryan ToysReview YouTube videos into kids’ homes.

The egg, more than a foot tall and bright yellow, contains seven toys: a plush keychain character, two plastic figures, a squishy figure, slime, putty, and a “sight and sound vehicle” (Spoiler alert: it’s a spaceship). However, each of the toys come in a variety of characters and colors to ensure that no two eggs are exactly the same.

Each of the toys are individually wrapped within the egg to maintain the element of surprise, and each wrapper lists the colors or characters that could be inside. All of the Ryan’s World products are designed for kids ages 3 and up, but younger children may need an adult’s help when opening some of the egg’s plastic packaging.

Many of the toys (aside from the slime and putty) depict versions of Ryan himself, including Cosmo Ryan, Robo Ryan, and Cap’n Ryan. Others are characters from Ryan’s channel, such as Gus the Gummy Alligator.

Most of the toys within the egg are designed to be played with separately, and all but the backpack clip and spaceship can be purchased separately. The two included plastic figures fit perfectly inside the spaceship’s cockpit. The spaceship itself, which takes up most of the egg’s base, also makes sounds and lights up with the press of a button.

While the slime is pre-made and safe, it can be a bit messy and should be stored upright, outside of the egg to avoid spills.

The Giant Mystery Egg is a great way to sample all of the new Ryan’s World products at once, at a retail price comparable to buying all of the items separately. Even if kids have never seen Ryan’s videos, they will enjoy the many sounds, textures, and ways to play that they’ll find inside the egg.

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Madeleine Buckley

Madeleine Buckley

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