Ryan's World Mystery Microverse

Ryan's World Mystery Microverse

Honey, I shrunk the … Ryan’s World toys?

The Ryan’s World Mystery Microverse collection from Bonkers Toys features toys based on the popular kids’ YouTube channel Ryan’s World. Kids who love all the blind bags, surprises, and unboxing toys associated with the YouTube star will love this line’s big “mystery” factor — what’s inside is a surprise!

Ryan's World Mystery Microverse Egg

Leading the Mystery Microverse collection is the Mega Micro Egg, exclusively available at Target. Each egg costs $19.99 and is packed with surprises. The egg-shaped packaging is made of solid, yellow plastic, almost like a giant Easter egg — which adds to the mystery of the contents, as kids won’t know what is inside. Each egg is filled with two mystery micro-figure blind bags, a Skydiver Ryan figure, an exclusive micro vehicle, putty, and stickers.

The range of toys and collectibles that come inside will appeal to kids who love playing with smaller toys that can be integrated with other sets they may already have. The 2-inch micro-figures can be collected and played with on their own or with the included micro vehicle. Kids can put a micro-figure inside the car, then pull it backward on a flat surface, which will propel the car forward on its own and set the scene for imaginative play. 

The Skydiver Ryan figure comes with a parachute attached and is my favorite toy in the egg. Kids can think outside the box and experiment with different ways to get Ryan to fly, such as figuring out which height is best to drop him from or what is the best way to position the parachute.  

Ryan's World Mystery Microverse 5-pack

Also in the Mystery Microverse collection is the Mystery Micro Figure 5-pack ($7.99-9.99). Kids who already collect Ryan’s World figures will enjoy the addition of five new figures to their collection. Each package comes with five of the new 2-inch micro-figures. To add to the mystery element, kids will be able to see one of the five figures displayed in the center of the packaging, but the other four figures are hidden surprises. The collectible figures are not posable, but they are colorfully detailed and can stand on their own, which is great for kids who want to line them up for display. The different figures feature Ryan along with his animated friends and sidekicks Alpha Lexa, Sheldon, Combo Panda, and more. 

Ryan's World Mystery Microverse Blind Bag

The smallest and least expensive item in the Ryan’s World Mystery Microverse collection is the Mystery Micro Figures 2-Pack ($3.99-4.99). Just like the 5-Pack, each pack includes 2-inch Ryan’s micro-figures, but this time both figures are packaged inside a completely blind bag. Kids will find either a rare or ultra-rare figure out of the two figures in each bag, which adds the excitement of collecting. The small nature of the blind bag is a great option for parents to include with other Ryan’s World gifts, as a shopping trip reward, or a gift to include in an Easter basket or as a stocking stuffer. 

All toys in the collection are designed for kids ages 3 and up, although younger kids might need help with unpacking the blind bags. Given the smaller size of these figures, parents may want to supervise younger kids while they play. Preschoolers should have no problem playing with these non-posable figures, as they don’t require much dexterity. The figures are also a great option for travel and playing on the go. The Ryan’s World Mystery Microverse collection can be found at Target.

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