Finally, there’s a reveal toy that allows kids to feel like they are in National Treasure.

Ryan’s World Mystery Spy Vault from Just Play Products might not have the Declaration of Independence inside, but it does have plenty of treasure. Kids discover 10 surprises, including articulated figures, build-your-own vehicles, spy gear, and more.

Before they can unlock the mysteries, they will have to crack the code. There are three boxes inside of the vault and each contains clues on how to open the next. Open the first box by peeling the maze. Hidden inside, kids will find their Spy Crew, which will help them with the rest of their mission.

What’s a spy mission without some hidden imagery? Kids will have to find the hidden marker and scratch-off pen in order to uncloak the image on the second box — then dig in to discover the treasure. When they’ve gotten the message, it’s time for box three! Kids decode the clues by using the UV Decoder Pen, which may or may not be straight out of the CIA’s inventory (we’ll never tell!). Inside, they’ll discover instructions on how to build two of the four possible spy vehicles.

When they believe they’ve uncovered everything, they will have to think again. There’s a bonus key that unlocks a hidden compartment, where kids can find some spy gear.

The real hidden treasure in this vault is the potential for play after revealing all of their toys. Kids can use the included spy gear and gadgets to discover some imaginative play.

They can head through the house, unlocking more mysteries and getting their creativity flowing. If National Treasure taught us anything, it’s that lemon juice glows under black light. Parents can help create more missions by writing a secret message using lemon juice and a cotton swab. Take it one step further by making the mission to find their surprise figs and accessories that they just unlocked.

All play is golden when kids unlock the Ryan’s World Mystery Spy Vault.

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Nicole Savas

Nicole Savas

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