This month’s theme is all about kids styling their own monster. | Source: Sago Mini

We’ve got another monthly subscription box for you and this one is all about fun crafts to encourage guided screen-free fun. Sago Mini sends a package designed for preschoolers right to your front door and this month’s theme is monsters!

Each monthly box has three activities inside, and the monster-themed box helps preschoolers interact with common fears they might have. As kids customize a monster pal with fun stickers, they need to take it to different salons to give it a make-over. The box will tackle scary experiences, such as hair-trimming and nail-clipping, as kids guide their own friendly monster through the salon to show it that things aren’t as frightening as they seem.

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Kids can use the best of their imaginations when designing their monster. The box includes face stickers, such as creative eyes and mouths, as well as accessory stickers that kids can use to give their creatures a special hat, a beret, clips, or bows. After they’ve created their ideal monster, it’s time to bring it to the hair salon. Kids have the choice of different-colored hair that they can cut and style. Small cut-outs of hairdryers and curling wands are included in this month’s kit to help familiarize kids with what they might encounter when they get their hair done. The same happens at the do-it-yourself nail salon, where every monster’s feet can get decorated with colorful tips. Kids can use nail salon tools like polish, clippers, and files, and parents can explain what each of them does and why it isn’t so scary. After their monster has been fully customized and styled, kids can also grab a Sago Mini collectible figure that comes with every box to mark every theme kids have crafted!

If the creative Sago Mini monthly boxes sound like a perfect fit for you and your craft-loving kid, visit to learn all about the different payment plans they offer and more information about what’s inside each box.

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