SAMSUNG2While the summer season is definitely about barbecues, sprinklers, and beach days, summer also includes rainy days, long car rides, and sweltering heatwaves. For those summer days that can’t be spent by the pool, it’s important to have a back up plan so kids aren’t too disappointed about missing out on time outdoors. Samsung has come up with the perfect solution to a boring, stuck-inside day with its new app Samsung Kids.

Samsung, and its platform partner, Fingerprint, collaborated on a new, educational, and super fun app that keeps kids’ minds sharp during the long summer months. The app is available for download on Galaxy phones and tablets in the Google Play Store, as well as other Galaxy devices. The app features games and books that align with Common Core Standards with an emphasis on STEM, so kids will be learning while having fun with some of their favorite characters.

Samsung Kids has countless games and books, all neatly organized into categories so kids can easily find what they like. The games section is broken down into Puzzle Power, Arcade Action, Word Play, Math Mission, Create & Play, and Just for Fun. Each game is engaging, and encourages creativity and critical thinking. Play-Doh ABCs, for example, lets kids play with virtual Play-Doh to form letters and learn about the words that start with that letter. Select the letter “M,” create that letter in the color of your choice, and then make a Play-Doh monkey. At the end, kids can either save their creations or squish them just like real Play-Doh. The game section features characters like Elmo, Arthur, Paddington Bear, and more.

The books category also allows kids to spend time with some of their favorite characters in a different way. Each book offers the opportunity for kids to read a story themselves, or listen to a narrator. Each page even has interactive opportunities to expand the story. In My Little Pony – Party of One, the ponies throw Pinkie Pie a surprise birthday party. Kids can click on each character on the page, which prompts the characters to move and say key phrases to add to the story. Any tricky words are highlighted, so kids can click on them and learn more, and at the end, the story has a Word Round Up to remind kids of what they’ve learned.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.34.49 AMThe app also has a lot of features that parents will appreciate. During setup, the app prompts parents or caregivers to create a Parent Pin, which gives exclusive access to things like parental controls, app history, and account information. Adults can also get a clear snapshot of what their kids are getting out of Samsung Kids. When a new part of the app is accessed, whether it’s a book or a game, a screen pops up with a recommended age range as well as a highlight of what skills the child will be enhancing. For example, Thomas & Friends: Mix-Up Match-Up is recommended for kids ages 3 to 5, and challenges critical thinking skills.

Samsung Kids is a great way for kids to exercise their brains while spending time with their favorite characters, and the games are so much fun they’ll barely notice how much they’re learning. Plus, parents will have the peace of mind to know that their kids will return to school in the fall relaxed and ready for whatever the year throws at them.




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Melanie Rainone

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