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Green is more than just a color. Thinking green means living a more eco-friendly lifestyle to help take care of the planet we live on.

As far as space exploration is taking us these days, we still only have one planet Earth, so it’s important to protect it as best as we can. Kids learn by example and the Science4you Green Science kit from PlayMonster is the easiest way to put the future in their hands.

There are so many science kits out there, but this is my favorite one right now thanks to the creativity of the projects and the way the kit relates them all back to the real world to help kids ages 6 and up understand not only the “how” of the experiments, but also the “why.” The instructions don’t just list steps that kids can mindlessly follow to build something: The STEAM projects explain how kids can incorporate these sustainable practices into their everyday lives and why they’re necessary to help combat real issues, such as air pollution, acid rain, endangered wildlife, and global warming.

Kids can learn about renewable energies by building a solar oven (and then adding marshmallows to test it — YUM!), learn about hydropower by building a paddle boat out of a juice or milk carton, or learn about plastic polluting marine ecosystems by building a parachute. Did you know that it takes 2 months for an apple core to break down at sea, but 50 years for a styrofoam cup, 100 years for a battery, and 450 years for a plastic bottle? Yikes!

Science4you Green Science | Source: PlayMonster

The experiments cover a lot of ground, from planting real green beans and watercress (the kit includes seeds, soil, and biodegradable flower pots) to building a launchable space rocket from recycled material. I’m no teacher, but I feel like this one kit contains so much information that you can create an entire curriculum based on it — or at least get an incredible amount of play value out of it because you can spread out the experiments to last you a few weeks or even months.

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Kids can do some of the experiments using materials included in the kit (such as yarn, soil, cotton balls, rubber bands, clothes bins, marbles, and more), while others will require additional items (such as gelatin, cardboard boxes, marshmallows, scissors, etc.). The kit also suggests “eco-challenges” that go beyond the experiments to show kids how to use recyclable materials to create astronaut helmets, bird feeders, or crayons. This is a great way to make kids more conscious about creating less waste when they see how to make use of everyday items that otherwise would have ended up in the trash. It’s also a bonus that the entire kit is free from plastic. To top it all off with even more activities, the kit also includes a recycling-themed puzzle that features elements kids can color and additional pieces to play a matching game.

Whether you’re trying to bring your kids back down to Earth or challenging them to reach for the stars, motivate them to think green with the Science4you Green Science kit.

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