Scribble Scrubbie Arctic Igloo | Source: Crayola

Brrrrr! Crayola is giving “cool” an all-new meaning with the latest addition to its Scribble Scrubbie line with the Arctic Igloo set! 

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this activity set includes a plastic igloo; a set of three washable markers; a tub; and two washable, flocked pet figures — Hank the Walrus and Star the Arctic Fox. As with previous Scribble Scrubbie kits, all of the figures are white to start, so young artists can use the markers to decorate their pet figures however they envision. The colorable toys are made of felt and hold ink well, but kids will want to let them dry for about five minutes before commencing playtime to avoid inky fingertips.

Scribble Scrubbie Arctic Igloo | Source: Crayola

Then, when new inspiration strikes, kids can wash away their old designs by giving their pet a bath in the tub! Once the figure is completely wet and the ink starts to run, kids can use the included scrub brush to erase any residual color. When their pets are dry, kids can design a totally new look!

The Arctic Igloo set takes the previous Scribble Scrubbie sets to a new level (and colder temperatures) with innovative, color-changing technology. At temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the figure’s base color will transform from icy white to royal blue. I found that putting the pets in the freezer for about two minutes was the most effective way to achieve this. The figures return to their original color when brought back to room temperature. Running the pets under warm water works best, but an adult’s assistance is advised to avoid any burns! 

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Complete with handles, the plastic igloo doubles as a storage container for all of the set’s various parts, allowing for easy cleanup and on-the-go fun!

The Scribble Scrubbie Arctic Igloo playset provides kids with a unique canvas to unleash their inner arctic — we mean, *artist.* Additionally, the igloo features a fireplace and a sled accessory, which means kids can engage in imaginative play and create arctic adventures with their customized creatures! 

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