Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house all of the forest friends go!

Now that the holidays are creeping up, packing for a road trip considers a very important question — which toys will keep kids busy and entertained in the backseat?

Before you resort to screens, Boogie Board has the perfect — and cutest — solution to pique kids’ creativities in all kinds of environments with their Sketch Pals Forest Friends collection. 

With Izzie the Owl, Morris the Moose, and Felix the Fox, kids ages 4 and up can use Boogie Boards’ touch screen to draw anything their little hearts’ desire, and then press the animals’ noses to erase and do it all over again for endless fun. 

Not only are they small and light for road trips, but they also have a clip to attach to any purse or backpack to make them possibly the most efficient travel toy. Parents are going to want to use this feature, because your kids will be heartbroken if their forest friend gets lost. 

While these adorable sketch pals come attached with a pen for kids to draw with, they can really use anything, even little fingers to create anything from stick figures to circles. Just smile, nod, and tell them what a wonderful family portrait they just drew.

The best part about this collection is that the animals are just so cute, kids will want to keep coming back to their perfect creative companion to keep them entertained. It could be the start of a lifelong hobby.

And for the little ones in school, it may be an opportunity for parents to make learning and homework fun! After trying these out, I firmly believe I would’ve been an aerospace engineer if my dad had used a forest friend to teach me math at the kitchen table at 3 a.m.

For only $19.99 kids can feel like they’re camping in the great outdoors with these woodland creatures by their side. Well, practically, but without the ticks, and just as much excitement.


Choose from three clippable doodle buddies: Felix the Fox, Morris the Moose, or Izzy the Owl. Each features a tethered stylus and clips to backpacks or car seats for screen-free entertainment on the go.

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