The Nano Drone can be piloted indoors. | Source: the Toy Insider

As the use of drones increases, more kids want to try out the magic of piloting. They can do just that with Skyrocket’s Sky Viper Dash Nano Drone, a tiny drone made for kids ages 12 and up who are ready to give this new technology a go.

The unpacking and set-up process is simple, but a parent might need to assist. First, the drone needs to be charged. Pilots must be extra careful when dealing with the USB cable. The side that goes in the drone is very tiny and needs to be handled with care. The instructions also note that the drone should be charged in an area away from any excessive heat or moisture. This should be an easy step for families to follow, as the drone can charge through a port in any laptop or computer. If there is an office area in the home, this would be the perfect place to put it! Users will also need to open the controller with a small screwdriver to insert three AAA batteries, so parents should help kids with this process to make sure everything is set up safely.

As I waited for the drone to charge for the next 15 minutes, I started reading all of the instructions on how to control it. The instructions are very informative, describing the buttons and all the ways to make the drone go in different directions. There are even notes on how to perform stunts, including a barrel roll and a four-way flip!

Instructions and extra blades are also included. | Source: Skyrocket

This drone is specifically designed to be flown indoors. With how tiny it is, families should take no chances with it outside — a slight breeze could take it out of control. So my little sister and I set it up in the biggest, tallest room in the house and got it ready to pilot. The drone should have up to 6 feet of space in all directions, so if homes can’t accommodate for the Nano Drone, kids can still give it a go during after-school hours or see if any other adult figures have room for flight time.

I placed the piloting duty in my 15-year-old sister’s hands and acted as adult supervision. There are two options for flyers: auto for beginners and manual for more experienced pilots. As first-time drone owners, we set it on auto to start.

The first test run quickly ended with the drone hitting a wall. My sister frantically hit the “land” button, and we realized that one of the micro blades had come off during the process. There was no need to worry, as they are easy to reattach, and Skyrocket even included extras in case it was really broken. However, the blades are tiny and we nearly stepped on it in the process. Adults should also keep an eye on any curious pets who may choose to play with or eat these small parts.

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At one point, I tried to catch the drone mid-air. While it didn’t cut me, it might hurt any little hands looking to grab the flashy drone, so parents should stress that this is a delicate toy that has to be treated with care.

We realized after only a few minutes of flight that the LED lights on the drone were flashing, meaning it only had 10% of battery life left. The LED lights on the drone are good indicators of the battery life and the direction of the drone. My sister noted that it helped her keep track of where the drone was facing. Once we saw the green and red lights blinking, we knew we had to plug it in for some juice. This is a starter drone, so it’s meant for small bouts of adventure. It should be noted that if you’re looking for prolonged flight, this might not be the drone for you!

We had a fun-filled experience trying this out. After our first couple minutes of test runs, we gave it another quick charge. My sister was able to pilot it with ease and will definitely use it again for more flight adventures!

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