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Through rain and slime, your mail is on time!

Winning Moves Games puts a postal twist on family game night with Snail Mail, a new card game designed for players ages 7 and up. 

The goal of this 2-4 player game is to be the first to claim six delivery cards with the snail mail carrier. The game comes with four plastic snail mail carriers, 48 mail cards, and 23 delivery cards. Each mail card features a number between one and nine and a color. Each delivery card includes a delivery instruction, telling players to deliver specific combinations of cards, such as “all red and yellow (any order),” “all even (any order),” or “two pairs of colors, both need to be touching (any color).”

Players will take turns acting as the card dealer while the other players try to “complete deliveries” by matching the goals of the delivery cards. Each time a player successfully arranges four cards in their carrier to match the goals on the available delivery cards, they can claim a card. If the delivery cards do not match what players are currently working with, the player can draw a new card from the mail card deck, which they can either discard or swap with one of their four cards. The first player to claim six delivery cards wins.

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While Snail Mail may seem like a luck-based game on the surface, there are various strategic elements to it as well. As kids spend more time with the game and get more familiar with the delivery card deck, they will find out which types of delivery requirements come up more often than others, and build their hands — or carriers — accordingly. Additionally, like in UNO and other card games that involve matching colors and numbers, kids can make an educated guess on what mail cards their opponents have based on which mail cards they have themselves, and what delivery cards have or have not already been claimed.

Snail Mail’s simplicity means that kids can master the game themselves without adults’ assistance, but the game is challenging enough to engage the entire family. Coupled with its easy-to-learn rules, the game’s vibrant colors and fast pace make it a great introductory option for kids.

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