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Build and snap — works every time!

You might know Funko for its pop culture collectibles (aka Funko Pop! figures), but now kids can get in on the vinyl collectibles craze as well with the company’s new line of toys. Designed for kids ages 5 and up, Snapsies are capsules filled with bits of mystical creatures that kids can mix, match, and style by snapping together the pieces.

Each capsule includes a head, a body, two butts, two faces with different expressions, five accessories, and a sticker sheet. The vinyl body parts attach together with a satisfying snap so that kids can build animal characters like unicorns, llamas, sharks, dolphins, dragons, goats, hedgehogs, and whimsical hybrids featuring all of the above. Some of the pieces feature different textures as well, including fuzzy llama fur, metallic mermaid fins, and scaly dragon tails, which makes for great sensory play.

Snapsies | Source: Funko/the Toy Insider

Funko’s snap technology makes it just as easy to take the creatures apart as it is to put them together: No aggressive pulling or tugging required. The completed figures range in size based on which parts kids use, but they measure approximately 2.5 inches tall.

The accessories include wearable items such as necklaces, bowties, hats, glasses, hair, and more. There is a tiny hole at the top of each creature’s head to place hats, headbands, and hair. Different styles of accessories make it easy to add some personality to the beasts, such as chef hats, top hats, bucket hats, tiaras, party hats, cowboy hats, and even a little crab friend that can sit on top of one of the creature’s heads. Each capsule also includes a guide that shows all 18 characters and indicates which ones are trendy, rare, or ultra-rare.

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It’s useful that kids get multiple faces and body parts in a single capsule, but Snapsies are even more fun when kids have a bunch of them to get the full mix-and-match experience. More capsules mean more opportunities to build creative characters like goaticorns (goat + unicorn), dragonphins (dragon + dolphin), or llamahogs (llama + hedgehog). At $9.99 per capsule, it’s pretty affordable to build a growing collection.

Put those imaginations to work and snap together a whole zoo full of fantastical friends!

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