Make shaved ice by hand with snoopy, woodstock, lucy, and charlie brown

  • No electronic blender needed
  • Includes a flavored powder packet
  • Exhausts energy and refines gross motor skills

Kids can use Cra-Z-Art’s Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine to make cups of flavored shaved ice. The set includes the Snoopy ice shaver and dog house base unit, a red ice shovel, a reusable plastic cup, two ice cube trays, a flavor mix packet, three paper cups, and a syrup squeeze bottle that looks like a snowman with Woodstock.

After families fill and set the ice cube trays, they insert one cube (with the X facing up) into the dog house. Once the Snoopy ice shaver is placed on top, kids lock Snoopy’s body into place by turning it clockwise. Kids can crank the Snoopy ice shaver and watch as it fills the reusable red cup, which is set under the dog house, before shoveling the shavings into paper cups. Finally, kids can make their syrup by pouring the fruit punch flavor packet into a paper cup and stirring with water until the clumps dissolve, then pour it into the bottle and squeeze the syrup over the shaved ice.

The sno-cone machine is an easy way for kids to make a refreshing, summer treat without using large appliances. The familiar Peanuts theme is encouraging, so even kids who need a little guidance will feel accomplished after making their own dessert. Kids will also learn how to keep track of their belongings, as they must use the included ice molds each time. Additionally, kids will become more comfortable with sharing as they take turns to crank the Snoopy ice shaver.

Parents will enjoy the nostalgia of a familiar product while kids expend energy cranking the Snoopy ice shaver and focus on being patient, as it might take some time to fill the cup. The machine is designed for kids ages 6 and up, but younger Snoopy (and sno-cone) fans might enjoy mixing the flavor packets, shoveling the ice, and squeezing the syrup bottle over the shaved ice, helping refine a younger sibling’s fine motor skills, while cranking the Snoopy ice shaver will help fine an older kid’s gross motor skills.

Kids and parents should be mindful of possible dangers when cranking the ice shaver — adults should remind kids to keep their fingers out of the shaver. The ice shaver includes a spring, so be cautious when placing it on top of the ice and while locking it in. It will take time for the water to freeze in the X-shaped molds and to create a cup of shaved ice, so users should understand the amount of time required to produce sno-cones.

Little chefs can use Cra-Z-Art’s Sno-Cone Machine Flavor Pack refills, or they can add other available flavor powders or syrups.

Peanuts-lovers: hot summer days; aspiring chefs; parents looking to teach kids about responsibility


This nostalgia-inducing sno-cone machine includes a Snoopy ice shaver, red ice shovel, two ice cube trays, a flavor mix packet, three paper cups, and a syrup squeeze bottle. Families can insert the molded ice cubes, crank the Snoopy ice shaver, shovel the shavings from the cup to their personal cups, and add the syrup once…

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