It may be getting hot out there, but boy do we have the cool-down product for you! 

Soppycid’s Reusable Water Balloons are the perfect toy for kids ages 3 and up to use all summer long. Not only are they environmentally friendly (you’re welcome mother Earth!), these water balloons are fun and will last all summer long. 

Made from silicone material, these reusable water balloons feature a magnetic suction closure, so kids can fill them with water and let the balloons seal themselves. Kids can use them again and again — for more than 1,000 different summer splash experiences! They can be used outdoors for a classic water balloon fight, or they can be used in the pool for an extra layer of water fun. 

Soppycid’s Reusable Water Balloons make water fights more environmentally friendly. | Source: Soppycid

The Happy Water Bomb pack from Soppycid contains eight reusable water balloons in a variety of vibrant colors.They are super easy to open at the magnetic enclosure, dunk in water, and then snap closed. Once the magnetic seal is initiated, no water leaks out from the balloons. I was particularly surprised by this, because at first glance, it really seems like water might leak out from the seal. However, after bouncing and throwing the balloons several times, it became clear that these really do what they’re supposed to do! The pack also comes with a drawstring bag so kids won’t lose their balloons in between their summer water wars.

For me, the best part of this whole product is that they make water balloons an environmentally friendly activity. Gone are the days of scavenging yards for leftover water balloon fragments after a 15-minute fight, only to miss several (hundred) pieces on the ground. Now, little ones can splash their friends and family members to their heart’s content, all without making a huge environmental impact.

Although these balloons are on the pricier side at $27.99 for an eight-pack, parents will be saving so much money by not repurchasing single-use water balloons every time kids want to play. Plus, since little ones can play with these reusable balloons in different ways, the playtime practically pays for itself. 


These reusable water balloons are self-sealing and splash quickly on contact. Made from a silicone material and featuring a magnetic suction automatic closing, these eco-friendly reusable water balloons are also safe to use in the pool.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $27.99
  • Age:
  • 3+

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