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Technology is evolving so quickly nowadays, it’s hard to keep up. Before we had new iPhones and Nintendo Switches launching every year, we had our trusty brick cell phones, Game Boys, and cassette players of yesteryear. Jazwares is throwing it back to the good old days with a Squishmallows Gamer Squad featuring plush versions of retro devices.

The new members of this Squishmallows squad include Adin the arcade game, Galia the handheld game, Casja the cassette player, Tadita the cell phone, Rada the claw machine, and Maline the gumball machine. Each Squishmallow has its own birthday and bio detailed on its hangtag. They are available in assorted sizes, including 5 and 8 inches. Prices range from $12.90-19.99, but beware of third-party sellers upping the prices.

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Like all Squishmallows, these plush toys are made of soft and squishy spandex “EF” and polyester stuffing that makes each character as puffy as a marshmallow. They’re also machine washable if you throw them in a pillowcase, machine wash on cold, tumble dry on the lowest setting (or air dry), and floof them back to their original shape.

Look for the Squishmallows Gamer Squad at Claire’s, Hot Topic, GameStop, and various specialty stores. If you want to order online, you can get a 5-inch Gamer Squad mystery plush for $12.90 at Hot Topic here and an 8-inch mystery plush for $19.99 at Claire’s here, but you will receive a design at random.

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