Each R/C car includes a figure of the character. | Source: NKOK

Calling all Sonic The Hedgehog lovers! 

The Sonic 2.4GHz RC — All Star Racing by NKOK is an epic R/C car that includes a Sonic figure in the vehicle. The R/C car features a 2.4GHz radio frequency that kids can use to race up to 16 cars at the same time. Ideal for kids ages 6 and up, the toy car is 6.5 inches long and is forged into 1:28-scale reality. There are three Sonic The Hedgehog R/C cars for kids can choose from featuring fan-favorite characters from the video game, including an iconic pink Amy Rose R/C and an electric white-and-blue Sliver R/C. 

The entire line features Sonic, Amy Rose, and Silver. | Source: NKOK

Each R/C car includes its corresponding character in the driver’s seat. The Sonic R/C features Sonic-inspired details like a blue-and-white coat with spiky embellishments that resemble Sonic’s iconic hair on the back bumper. The included remote features two buttons: The left button propels the R/C forward or backward, while the right button causes the front wheel to turn left or right. Kids can control what direction the wheels turn on the bottom of the car with a switch.

The included Sonic figure has malleable hands and arms that kids can pose. While the hands are set in a curved shape to hold the steering wheel, kids can still move the arms to make the Sonic figure drive with one arm or neither. 

Watch as all three cars compete for victory! | Source: NKOK

We love the classic design of this R/C, alongside the 2.4 GHz radio frequency that allows kids to race and play together. The included figures really add to the storytelling value of this R/C racer. However, it might be a drawback that the figures are attached to their seats since kids cannot swap out figures.

Additionally, the R/C remote can be challenging to use and the R/C might spin in circles at first. It may take younger kids a little practice to get the car to go straight, so parents get ready to stand by for any assistance they might need.

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Kids can embrace Sonic’s super-fast speeds and practice being as speedy as the Blue Blur himself with the Sonic 2.4GHz R/C. Complete with fun details, bright colors, and fast speeds, it’s a great addition to any play date or birthday party. Kids can compete with multiple R/Cs and race to the finish line!

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