Gallop into this sunny arts and crafts kit! | Source: Breyer/the Toy Insider

This new art kit mixes the magic of unicorns and the magic of creativity to make one sunny masterpiece!

The Suncatcher Paint and Play Unicorn from Breyer is a fun way for kids to paint their own unique unicorn! Each set comes with clear unicorn templates, three colorful translucent paints, and a paintbrush. Once kids are done creating, then they can start displaying. They can display their unicorn in a window and watch the sunlight shine through.

At $4.99, these Suncatchers are perfect party favors — especially for a unicorn-themed party! They are also great rewards for good behavior or a fun playdate arts and crafts activity. These are also lovely for kids to create and then gift to teachers, babysitters, and family members — and would be an especially nice touch for a friend or family member who may be in the hospital or care facility.  They can know that everyone is thinking of them when it catches the light!

Though the set comes with three paint pots, adults can encourage kids to mix colors together to make their own colors, and learn a little bit about science while they create. A really unique feature of this Breyer craft kit is that it features a scannable QR code linking to instructional videos that include a “little something extra” tutorial from Toya from the MyFroggyStuff YouTube channel showing more crafty ideas for the kit!

You can find all the great Breyer Horses suncatcher kits at most retailers!

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Charlene DeLoach

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