Brighten up a window with a Sun Catcher! | Source: Purple Ladybug

Kids can create their own fantastic window art with Purple Ladybug’s new SunGemmers Sun Catching gem art craft kits.

There are four sets from which kids can choose featuring different patterns and designs. There are two sets that include two patterns per box: one featuring hearts and flowers, and another featuring hearts and rainbows. Alternatively, there are two sets with three designs each: one featuring mermaid, dolphin, and turtle designs, and another featuring tree, flower, and flamingo designs. No matter which set kids get, SunGemmers are easy and fun to make!

SunGemmers Review
Whether a rainy day project or a birthday party activity, these kits are fun to make! | Source: Purple Ladybug

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, each craft kit comes with materials to create sparkly window art right away! Each set includes the pre-printed window designs, color patterns, all the gemstone sun catching stickers needed for the designs, and double-sided mounting tape.

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Kids can begin by placing the transparent design sheet on the pre-printed color pattern, then put the included gems on the transparent sheet, using the pre-printed pattern as a guide. Alternatively, kids can free form it if they wish! Once done, grown-ups can use the included mounting tape to hang kids’ creations in a window or on a glass door — or they can prop it up on a window sill! The three-pack SunGemmers measure 6 by 6 inches, and the two-pack SunGemmers measure 8 by 8 inches.

SunGemmers Sun Catcher Craft Kit
These SunGemmera kits has everything kids need to design colorful window art! | Source: Purple Ladybug

Not only does gifting one of these sets make for a great option for Easter baskets, birthday party favors, or birthday gifts, but it is also a perfect playdate activity as each kid gets a design to work on. You can also buy a few sets so that each kid at a birthday party can make one. Since you get a couple of designs in each kit, it makes a very economical party activity. If your kiddo makes one as a rainy day project at home, the final design makes for an excellent gift for grandparents, teachers, or as a Mother’s Day present.

Once the design is done, the whole family will love looking at their finished SunGemmers creation filled with light and love!

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