Kids can arrange the pieces of the set to their liking. | Source: Hape

Your kids can let off some steam with Hape’s Super Cityscape Transport Bucket Set!

Kids ages 3 and up can use the 80 included pieces to create their own little city — and even power their own train! The set includes plastic and wooden train tracks, train cars, an openable airplane, mini passengers and city-goers, railway signs, and so many other items necessary to make the ideal city down to the very last detail.

After unwrapping all of the included items, kids can turn the two halves of the box upside down and arrange the pieces right on top of it. The top and bottom halves of the box are even illustrated with storefronts to help make kids’ visions more realistic. The rectangular wooden inserts slide out of the box and double as airplane runways, fire station doors and windows, train platforms, and construction site backgrounds. Kids can use some of the wooden pieces — including the airplane runway — to connect the two box pieces together. The train tracks easily fit into indentations on top of the box, and kids can arrange them so that the tracks slide off of the box and surround it! 

The completed Cityscape set | Source: Hape

Some of the accessories include trees, extra toy cars, traffic cones, toolboxes, and a mini toy crane. Kids can arrange these pieces however they choose to decorate their city to their liking. Because many of these pieces come wrapped in bubble wrap, tissue paper, and small plastic bags, parents should keep a garbage bag nearby so they can easily dispose of any unneeded packaging. They can also save these wrappers if they want to bundle up the items and keep them neat and tidy in the box when kids are done playing with them.

One of the most exciting features of the set is a battery-operated train, which will actually move around the tracks! All you have to do is unscrew the compartment on the back of the fire train car and insert the batteries that come with the kit. Once they’re in, kids can flip the switch on top of the car to move it forward or backward, and they will hear a buzzing sound that indicates when the wheels have started turning. To stop the wheels from turning, simply move the switch to the middle. The train can travel up the tracks and even on to the box!

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Another honorable mention of the set is the openable airplane, because the mini passengers can actually sit inside! Kids can board up the plane and use their imagination to take the figurines on an exciting adventure, and land the plane on the runway when their travels are done for the day. Luckily, all of the pieces fit back into the box, so cleaning up after a long day of playing is easy. 

This set is a fun, interactive way for kids to exercise their imagination and freedom by constructing the set exactly as they want it. Your kids will have the adventure of a lifetime!

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