Double up and double down on fun with the Switch and Go 2-in-1 Spino Speedster!

This toy from VTech offers kids the option of either playing with two robot-dinosaurs or one big vehicle when they combine the dinos. The two dinosaurs are a pterodactyl (the flying dino) and a Spinosauraus (the one with the, you guessed it, large protruding spine).  A few simple snaps and the dinosaurs become one vehicle that can launch the Spinosaurus into rolling action. 

Two toys means more than one kid can enjoy at a time! | Source: VTech

The Spino Speedster is no fossil either: This duo features lights and sounds, with phrases like “Fuel-injected trouble is on the way!” and glowing eyes to enliven playtime with just the right amount of tech. 

The toy, which is officially intended for kids ages 4 and up, strikes a chord that’s equal parts preschool-friendly and grade-school-appropriate. For a young, robust imagination, this two-in-one will satisfy. It will also promote imaginative play in kids that are drawn to the three major subjects of interest at a young age: dinosaurs, vehicles, and robots. 

The Switch and Go 2-in-1 Spino Speedster is available at major retailers Amazon, Target, and Walmart. The speedster costs $27.99, a price point with just a little roar to it; taken at face value, it appears just a little bit pricier than your standard budget item. 

However, this is a toy that could easily establish itself as a toy-chest staple for years to come. The Spino Speedster is not tremendously large, making it a good fit among others of its kind and a possible on-the-go toy as well. The sheer versatility of this toy, and the possibility of splitting it up between two kids, renders it a long-term budget buy. Plus it only requires one triple A battery. 

If you need a toy that gives two ways to play while hitting multiple points of kids’ interest, the Switch and Go 2-in-1 Spino Speedster is the speediest way to success.


Kids can combine the fiery-eyed, light-up Spinosaurus with the Pterodactyl to create a fireball-launching car. Launch two fireballs and launch Spinosaurus into dino mode with the press of a button.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $27.99
  • Age:
  • 4+

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