What’s better than a boxing toy? A boxing toy that you can build and learn from!

Thames & Kosmos is known for its huge collection of educational toys, with everything from engineering kits to escape room games. The company is bringing some extra action to one of its newest offerings with a set of buildable Hydraulic Boxing Bots that’ll have any kid eager to learn about the mechanics of water power!

These bots are bringing their best boxing moves! | Source: Thames & Kosmos

The Hydraulic Boxing Bots are fully movable bots that feature a built-in fighting game, much like the retro boxing toys so many remember. This time, however, kids can build the full experience themselves and learn about the mechanisms behind hydraulics in the process. The kit comes with two bots to build: Robo-Boxer and Kangaroo-Bot. 

Once built, each bot has two different punches (a jab and an uppercut), three waist postures, and interchangeable heads. Kids can use the handheld controls to have their chosen bot punch its way to victory by knocking the other’s head back! Kids can also build a scoreboard to keep track of their battle. The set is available at Amazon now for $49.95.

Thames & Kosmos has even more goodies coming for the curious-minded kids out there. The Spy Labs Incorporated activity kits feature a variety of ways for kids to learn about forensic science and other detective techniques. The full line will be available this September, so keep an eye on the official Thames & Kosmos store page. 

The Thames & Kosmos Hydraulic Boxing Bots are available now for kids ages 10 and up. Get the gift of a building session followed by a boxing session, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way!


Kids can build two boxing robots that use hydraulic power to move with complex shoulder gestures, jabs, and uppercuts. The fighter who knocks back the opposing robot's head scores a point on the included scoreboard.

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