allfiguresWhen the show credits start to roll, don’t let kids say goodbye just yet.

Thanks to The Lion Guard Pride Lands Deluxe Figure Set from Just Play, kids ages 3 and up can go on extraordinary adventures with their beloved on-screen friends long after TV time is up.

kionThis incredible set includes 10 different figures, most of which even feature multiple points of articulation. Kids can move all four of Pumbaa’s legs, swivel Kion’s head and tail, or flap Ono’s wings to fuel imaginative play. Simba even sports a running action that gets his front legs moving when kids press a button.

In addition to the Deluxe Set, The Lion Guard Pride Land Rivals two-packs allow kids to pit their favorite opposing pairs in epic battles. There are Fuli versus Mzingo and Kion versus Janja packs available.

fulivmzingoEach two-pack comes with two three-inch figures and a special Mark of the Guard armband that lights up and plays music straight from the show. The arm accessory features a Velcro strap that easily allows young ones to fasten it and wear it with pride (no pun intended). With the touch of a button, kids can hear Kion shout ”Lion Guard Defend!” and songs from the show. It’s a great addition to any Lion Guard toy collection.

The hero figures in these packs are also equipped with a personalized kid-powered feature like Fuli’s running action and Kion’s battle action. All kids need to do is press a button atop each character to watch their legs and mouth move. Kids can repeatedly press each button to mimic running movements and bring even more life to an already wild play session.

All of these figures are compatible with Just Play’s incredibly interactive Lion Guard play sets, including the Defend the Pride Lands Playset and the Training Lair Playset, sold separately.

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