Scoot over, Little Red Wagon. A new delivery was just dropped off!

Radio Flyer and UPS have teamed up to release a new take on ride-on toys. The Ride & Deliver UPS Truck is dark brown and resembles the UPS trucks that your child sees driving down the street. Watch your kid ride around the house or backyard while learning how to balance with the front handles. 

The truck includes three miniature UPS packages and three miniature cars to go inside the boxes. Each wooden car is different: one is red and resembles a firetruck; another is a red truck with a green recycling block in the bed; and the third is a red sports car with a racing stripe. All three cars feature the Radio Flyer logo and kids can store them under the seat of the Ride & Deliver UPS truck.

Koala UPS driver! | Source: Radio Flyer

The front of the ride-on toy has an image of a koala in the UPS uniform behind the wheel. To the side of the koala are photos of stacked UPS boxes, similar to the ones that come with the truck. 

Set up a paper mailbox outside your bedroom door and watch as your little one rides along and drops off the included packages. Don’t forget to leave out a snack and water bottle for the delivery kid!

The Ride & Deliver UPS Truck has a weight limit of 50 pounds and is for kids ages 2 and up. It is available for $54.99 at the links below. Happy delivering! 


This ride-on toy resembles the iconic UPS truck and features an image of a cute koala in a UPS uniform on the windshield. It comes with three UPS miniature packages that hold three red wooden cars, so your little one can deliver goodies all day long!

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $54.99
  • Age:
  • 3+

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