This bundle is designed to help preserve childhood memories. | Source: From the Tooth Fairy

A new collection to help preserve childhood memories is now available and it’s made by none other than the Tooth Fairy!

Losing a tooth is a big deal for kids as they wait in anticipation for the little fairy to take it at night. The Tooth Fairy, in partnership with the Crown Oral Health Foundation, has made a bundle of items to introduce the process to kids as they lose their baby teeth.

First, adults and kids can read A Visit From the Tooth Fairy, a book that explains what happens when someone loses a tooth. It tells the story of a magical vault that helps the Tooth Fairy cherish childhood memories, and kids can track each date that they lose a tooth in the book. Then, there’s the tooth pouch. Once kids lose a tooth, they can put each one in the pouch and slip it under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy in exchange for a note or a small gift. Finally, kids can sneak a glance at the tooth vault. This silver, dental-decorated case lets the Tooth Fairy hold 20 teeth so parents can keep them for years to come.

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The Tooth Fairy Collection is available for $50 at For each bundle purchased, the Tooth Fairy and the Crown Oral Health Foundation will donate seven toothbrushes to America’s ToothFairy, a charity that helps bring dental care to kids in need.

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