The Woobles’ Miffy collection makes three different pieces! | Source: The Woobles

Since 2020, The Woobles has been teaching kids the art of crocheting. Now, its latest crochet kits feature a classic character: Miffy.

Miffy is a little white bunny designed by a Dutch father telling bedtime stories for his son. Since then, more than 85 million Miffy books, including Miffy at the Zoo and The New Baby, have been sold and Miffy has been on 70 different TV stations. 

The supplies in the Miffy Crochet Kit (crochet hook not included) | Source: The Woobles

The Woobles Miffy craft collection features three kits: the Miffy Crochet Kit, the Miffy Chinese Lantern, and the Miffy Tulip.

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The Miffy Crochet Kit comes with almost everything preteens need to make their own Miffy: pre-started yarn, stuffing, a step-by-step tutorial, and more! The Miffy Crochet kit is available for $40. The Miffy Chinese Lantern and Miffy Tulip are mini kits that are available for $7 each. A crochet hook isn’t included in the available sets, so adults will need to get one separately.

Kids’ crochet collections will only grow more adorable once they get their hands on The Woobles’ Miffy sets!

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