Up until yesterday, the only thing I could confidently draw was a stick figure. That was before I discovered smART sketcher. Now, “Because I know you, I have been changed for good.” End scene.

smART sketcher, from FlyCatcher, projects outlines onto paper so that kids can trace preloaded images and make them their own. Simply insert a chip from one of the drawing packs, sold separately, into the top of the smART sketcher, select an image, and watch as the projector slowly displays the image step-by-step, until voila—the work of art is finally complete!

And kids can draw at their own pace thanks to the easy-to-use arrow buttons. Go back, skip a step, or move on to the next drawing. No matter your skill level, the smART sketcher will be your steadfast teacher, sticking to a pace that is right for you.

There are a bunch of different drawing packs to choose from, and they are available in different categories, including Creativity and Learn-A-Language Packs. The Creativity Packs feature animals, space, underwater, and other exciting themes. The Learn-A-Language pack is a fun introductory way to get kids interested in new languages as they learn how to write the alphabet in a different language, with pictures that offer clues to the letter sound and the beginning spelling.

No pack, no problem! smARTsketcher even lets kids trace ANY image they can dream of. Just download the Smartsketcher app and connect your smartphone to the projector via Bluetooth to trace an image of your own photo. There are three different filters to choose from, including the original image, a light sketch, and a darker sketch.

I chose to sketch a picture of my adorable grumpy puppy. This one was somewhat tricky due to all the fine details, but in just a few minutes, I had the beginnings of Cody the Shih Tzu on a very lazy Sunday.

smART sketcher is perfect for families with kids of all ages. The creativity packs and step-by-step guide will help novice artists learn the ropes, and the option to upload an image to sketch is perfect for older kids who want more of a challenge. Plus, it’s just really cool to be able to trace and sketch an image of your own.

The smART sketcher is addicting and fun, and encourages kids to get in touch with their creative side. All I’ll say is, get ready to cover your refrigerator, office, and bedroom with all kinds of works of art from your little ones. 

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Stephanie Grassullo

Stephanie Grassullo

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