There are a few things that come to mind when you think “summer fun”: beach days, backyard BBQs, and — of course — the perfect lawn games.

Jakks Pacific is turning some of grown-ups’ favorite lawn games into kid-friendly versions, and adding the magical touch of iconic characters for the perfect backyard (or beach or lake or park, etc.) playtime.

PAW Patrol Tic Tac Toss | Source: Jakks Pacific

First up is Tic Tac Toss — with gameplay that feels a bit like a mix of cornhole and tic-tac-toe. The set comes with a big play mat that kids lay out on the lawn and features a big tic-tac-toe-style grid on it. Kids will also find some familiar characters on the mat — this game is available in both Mickey & Friends and PAW Patrol versions!

Kids take turns tossing the disks at the play mat in order to score three in a row. The discs are small enough for little hands to handle and aim, plus each features characters’ faces. There are six in total — three for each player (or team!) — and they’re color-coded so you can easily see whose is where on the board.

Minnie Mouse Slam Jam Target Toss | Source: Jakks Pacific

Those who have been to any beach — or college campus — may be familiar with the classic game Kan Jam, and Jakks also is offering the perfect kid-friendly version of that.

Slam Jam Target Toss challenges kids to set up the Targets however far away from each other as they like and try to toss their floppy disks into the target’s holes. The targets themselves store and set up easily with a twist, pop, and fold design, so your gameplay is stress free. This game is available in Mickey & Friends and Minnie Mouse versions.

Both games are super lightweight and easily fold up and store in the included carrying cases, so parents will have no trouble taking them on the go (and kids can even help carry them from your spot on the beach back to the car).

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What I love most about these games, as with all lawn games, is that you can start with the official rules, but then add your family’s own twist to it. Kids can get creative and come up with challenges to make gameplay a bit harder. Maybe you want to make it silly and add physical challenges like tossing with your eyes closed or standing on one leg. Summer’s all about having fun, so get creative and get active!

Either of these games would be a perfect addition for little ones to your next backyard bash— and as a bonus, adults will love to play them, too!

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