Basic Fun!’s new Togetherness Bear plush have multicolored fur patterns — and no two are the same! | Source: Basic Fun!
The Care Bears have been an iconic brand for decades, with millions of fans spanning generations — and we all have our favorites (hi, Grumpy Bear). But this year, a brand new friend is joining the squad! Introducing Togetherness Bear, the first new Care Bears character to join the series in the last decade. And get this: This newest Care Bear friend focuses on togetherness, acceptance, inclusivity, and loving what is unique about you, messages that are so important for kids growing up (and, let’s face it, adults, too). Togetherness Bear’s motto, “Love All,” encourages kids to appreciate everyone’s differences and is brought to life in the Togetherness Bear plush from Basic Fun! The plush’s heart-shaped belly badge features all the colors of the rainbow, and the multicolored fur pattern is unique to each bear — meaning that no two Togetherness Bears look the same. “I love that she’s kind of taken on all of the colors of the rainbow, and by association, taken on all of the best parts of each of the Care Bears,” says Kristeen Tibbits, vice president of marketing at CloudCo Entertainment.
The newest Care Bear promotes togetherness, acceptance, inclusivity, and loving what is unique about you. | Source: Basic Fun!
“It really represents everything and everyone, and this idea that it takes colors from all of the rainbow and really represents all of the bears as a collective,” says Ashley Mady, head of brand development at Basic Fun!. “Just like no two people are the same, no two bears are the same, and that’s what really makes Togetherness different than any bear we’ve launched before.” Earlier this year, the Toy Insider named “In My Feelings” as a huge trend in the toy aisles for this year. This trend focuses on toys that help kids develop and foster all-important Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills — and after a year in a pandemic and isolation, these SEL-enhancing toys feel more important than ever. Togetherness Bear — as well as all of the other Care Bears — fits right into this trend. The Care Bears have also helped kids learn about mindfulness and identifying feelings. Plus, they have always been there to provide kids with comfort and emotional support in times of need.

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“There couldn’t have been a more perfect time for when the world needed to come together,” Mady says. “And the idea that Togetherness Bear is coming to bring people even closer together — to unite them — after COVID and to celebrate inclusion, there’s so many different messages and meanings for what this bear could stand for. There’s an opportunity for each person to really project what they care about — and what they want to stand together on — onto this bear.” In addition to the plush from Basic Fun!, Togetherness Bear will also be included in 20 new music videos as part of the Care Bears: Unlock the Music series on YouTube, including her debut in the video for the song “Togetherness,” which will officially premiere on May 22 (but you can check it out early above!). “It was exciting to see her executed in plush and toy form, and just as exciting to see her come to life in our animated content,” Tibbits says. Starting on June 8, fans can share what “togetherness” means to them using #TogethernessChallenge on social media. Everyone can come together and share their hearts and what makes them unique with one another. The Togetherness Bear is available at Walmart now!


Togetherness Bear is a new Care Bears character with a timely and relevant message. Her motto, “Love All!,” is a reminder that sharing your heart with others is the greatest gift to give and the best way to bring us all together. The plush has a rainbow heart belly badge and its super-soft fur includes…

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