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“Tell me a story.” It’s the age-old request of kids who love to use their imagination and get lost in tales of faraway lands.

Tonies is a screen-free audio entertainment system that kids can use to listen to stories whenever they want. It features a soft, 5-by-5-inch speaker cube called the Toniebox and when kids place compatible figures (called Tonies and Creative Tonies) on top of the magnetic base, the Toniebox will activate songs and stories attached to that figure. It’s designed specifically for young kids to operate easily and safely without adult supervision and now Tonies is expanding with new Tonies Blocks! The Blocks come in themed sets and kids can pair the Blocks with their Toniebox to unlock even more stories and learning adventures.

Source: Tonies

Tonies Blocks combine tactile play with original audio lessons for preschool and kindergarten-level learners, covering topics such as science, arts, technology, history, and more. Each set includes four themed blocks, each containing 7-10 minutes of audio lessons for a total of 25-30 minutes of educational content per set. Additionally, each set is narrated by an expert or celebrity in that themed field.

Each themed set is narrated by an expert or celebrity in that field. | Source: Tonies

The Gentle Giant Dinos Set is narrated by paleontologist Jack Horner to help kids explore the age of the dinosaurs with four blocks that teach kids about some of the gentle giants who once ruled our planet: the Nodosaur, the Argentinosaurus, the Triceratops, and the Pachycephalosaurus. The Kid Comedy Set is narrated by actress Jane Lynch and covers joke-telling, riddles, funny pranks, and knock-knock jokes. The Invention & Innovation Set is narrated by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and will teach kids about inventions, science, the printing press, electricity, flight, and the Internet. The Marine Life Set is narrated by Sea Legacy Co-Founder and marine biologist Cristina Mittermeier to talk about sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, and octopus.

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Tonies Blocks are available exclusively at for $19.99 per set, with additional sets coming next year. The Tonies library also includes tons of collectible, audible action figures such as Peppa Pig, Peter Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, and so many more characters.

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