Tonies is expanding its collection into bedtime lullabies! | Source: Tonies

Bedtime has never been easier with the latest Tonie figures!

The Tonies Sleepy Friends collection is the perfect solution for little ones who struggle with nighttime scaries. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Sleepy Friends collection features three different nighttime Tonies — Lullaby Melodies with Sleepy Sheep, Bedtime Stories with Sleepy Bear, and Classical Music with Sleepy Rabbit — as well as a Night Light Sleepy Sheep Tonie. 

The Tonies Sleepy Bear and Sleepy Sheep. | Source: Tonies

Each Tonie is compatible with the Toniebox (sold separately) and includes a different calming ritual that will help little dreamers fall fast asleep. The Sleepy Sheep Tonie comes with enchanting lullabies combined with soothing nature sounds. Sleepy Sheep will transport kids through a magical forest and gently lull them to sleep. The Sleepy Bear Tonie features a bedtime story about Sleepy Bear’s journey home from his grandparents’ house. On the way home, he encounters the squirrel, the badger, the rabbit, the raccoon, and many other animal families who are also getting ready to go to bed. As the sun starts to go down in Sleepy Bear’s story, the narrator and music become quieter and quieter so little listeners can drift off to sleep easily. Lastly, the Sleepy Rabbit Tonie sends kids off to sleep with calm, classical music. Little ones can listen to the sounds of Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven as they snuggle in bed. 

The Night Light Sleepy Sheep Tonie features four different glow settings. | Source: Tonies

On the other hand, the Night Light Sleepy Sheep Tonie features a night light that emits a warm glow when turned on. It has four different settings, each with a duller light, so kids can choose whichever setting they prefer. The Night Light Sleepy Sheep Tonie also has the ability to record and play goodnight messages so if parents are away, little ones can still fall asleep to the sound of their voices. Kids can place the Night Light Sleepy Sheep Tonie on their Toniebox to listen to preinstalled bedtime melodies for 90 minutes, but it can also be used on its own in night light mode. There’s even an auto power-off function after 30 minutes so parents don’t have to worry about waking kids up to switch off the Tonie. 

For me, the best part of this collection is that kids and their parents can have a shared experience while creating a bedtime ritual that works for them. Sleep is such a fickle thing — even as adults, we often have trouble falling asleep, much less staying asleep. By establishing a bedtime routine, parents are helping their little ones create a formative experience so that hopefully, they don’t have as many issues with sleep in the future. Plus, getting them off screens while keeping their minds active with songs and stories will help drift them off to dreamland. 

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The three Sleepy Friends Tonies are available for $17.99, while the Night Light Sleepy Sheep Tonie retails for $39.99. All four items will be available on Amazon on Mar. 16. Until then, we got to get going — it’s pasture (and past our) bedtimes! 

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