Autobots, roll out to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Transformers!

From 1984’s original figures to the newest blockbuster movies, Hasbro’s Transformers has been delighting fans young and old for four decades. Now, it’s time to celebrate that long history with new toys, entertainment, and more!

Jada Toys has plans for a mash-up between Transformers and another beloved ‘80s franchise, with two Ghostbusters and Transformers 1:24-scale, die-cast vehicles. The HWR Ghostbusters Ecto-1 with Optimus Prime G1 graphics and the HWR G1 Optimus Prime with Ghostbusters Ecto-1 graphics will launch this fall.

Other toy and collectible offerings on their way include the launch of new character figures in the Blind Box, ReAction, and Super Cyborg lines from Super7 this fall, as well as new Transformers x Pop! figures from Funko this Summer. 

A new season of Transformers: Earthspark is dropping this year. | Source: Paramount Plus YouTube

The world of entertainment will also celebrating the anniversary. Paramount will see new animated releases, including the movie Transformers One as well as the second season of Transformers: Earthspark. The Masked Singer will also feature a Transformers-themed episode.

Hasbro’s Transformers brand has 40 years of history behind it and is ready to celebrate that legacy with a full lineup of new offerings kids are sure to love. Nostalgic adults and fresh young fans alike will have something to enjoy! 

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